BMW 5-Series 2021 Facelift Unveiled

BMW 5-Series 2021

BMW 5-Series 2021 Facelift

BMW 5-Series 2021 Facelift: Alright in today’s post I am going to show you the All-New BMW 5-Series 2021 Facelift which was unveiled on 27th May 2020 ( Today ).


BMW unveiled it’s 2021 facelift of the 5-Series today itself. They have altered the look of the 5-Series and added some additional tech. The 5-Series still include the four-cylinder 530i, six-cylinder 540i, V-8 M550i, and hybrid 530e models.

BMW 5-Series 2021 Facelift Unveiled

BMW 5 Series 2021
BMW 5-Series 2021

BMW 5-Series 2021 Exterior

The all-new 5-Series has a larger front grille that shows its relationship with the 7-Series and the X7. The facelifted 5-series looks more angular and slightly angrier because of the new LED Headlights. And the M550i gets treated, like before, to bronze trim.

The lineup will again comprise the 248-horsepower 530i, the 335-horsepower 540i, the 523-horsepower M550i, and the 288-horsepower 530e plug-in hybrid.

BMW 5-Series Engine

The 530i’s turbo-four engine is the same the 540i’s inline-six powerplant gains a 48-volt hybrid system that can offer a slight electric boost to overcome any turbo lag. It should also improve fuel efficiency and smoothen the start and stop function.

The 530e plug-in hybrid, powered by a detuned version of the 530i’s turbo-four, gets a far more substantial boost from a 107-horsepower electric motor that is integrated into its eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

The 550i is the best one in terms of performance as the 4.4-liter V8 produces 523 horsepower and this model comes close to the M5 being a little bit more polite.

5-Series 2021 Models

There are going to be 4 models offered by BMW:

  • 530i
  • 540i
  • V8 550i
  • 530e hybrid

All the models will offer rear-wheel-drive except the V8 550i model which offers xDrive (an all-wheel-drive term used by BMW ).

5-Series Launch Date

The All-New 2021 5-series is going to be available in U.S. dealerships in July 2020.

5-Series Interior

The 5-series has the all-new interior and the changes look very nice and very classy. It has now stitching is the most noteworthy improvement. The driver assistance and infotainment have very much improved and look very classy and futuristic.


5-Series Pricing

The 2021 BMW 5-Series has a starting price tag of  $55,195 for the 530i sedan, $58,195 for the 530e hybrid, $60,445 for the 540i, and $77,795 for the M550i xDrive.


5-Series 2021 is the best option for the mid-sized luxury segment. It has all the new technology that feels very futuristic and super cool. The 5-Series comes in four models namely 530i, 540i, the V8 550i, and hybrid 530e model. All the models will offer rear-wheel-drive except the V8 550i model which will have xDrive ( the all-wheel-drive name by BMW ). The 550i is the most powerful model which has 523 horsepower. So if you’re looking for a mid-size luxury vehicle, the 5-Series is the one

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