Nissan Z Proto Revealed With A Retro Twist & A Mighty Engine

Nissan Z Proto Revealed

Nissan Z Proto

Nissan Z Proto Revealed: The power specifiations of the 400Z prototype shows that Nissan hasn’t given up on its classic sports cars. The new Nissan Z will go in production next year in the U.S.

Nissan Z Proto Revealed With A Retro Twist & A Mighty Engine

what is the hp of the new nissan Z proto
Nissan Z Proto

Key Points

  • Nissan Revealed the new Z model’s concept car and it has a very cool retro look and it will resemble in the production model Z sportscar.
  • A twin-turbocharged V6 engine is operated via a six-speed manual transmission. This powertrain is confirmed for the production Z car that is to be released next year in the States.
  • ┬áThe production model of the Nissan Z Proto to be named Nissan 400Z.

What Is The History Behind The Nissan Z Proto?

The Z brand has always been very special to Nissan as the Z models indicate the well-being of the company. The first Z car was built in 1970 and was named 270Z, the second car was made in 1990 and was named 300ZX and it set a new benchmark for Nissan’s engineering. In 2003 350Z was introduced and it indicated the Renault-Nissan alliance and the company was brought back to life. The current production model of the Z lineup is the 370Z and everyone was wondering if the Z lineup has come to an end but Nissan isn’t clearly giving up on the Z lineup as the Proto model was revealed and the production 400Z will be sharing almost the same looks and engine configurations.

what is the price of the new Nissan Z
Nissan Z Proto

When will the Nissan 400Z Launch?

The exact date of launching the 400Z hasn’t been revealed yet but it is expected to launch globally in 2021.

View more photos of the Nissan Z Proto

Nissan Z Proto Revealed
Nissan Z Proto
when will the 400Z go in production?
Nissan Z Proto
How is the interior of the 400z
Nissan Z Proto Interior

Additional Info on the Nissan Z Proto

The Nissan Z Proto has a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine that is powered by 400 ponies and those ponies are controlled via a six-speed manual transmission. The main competitor of the 400Z will be the Toyota Supra. In the interior of the Z Proto, a 12.3-inch instrument cluster is offered and 9.0-inch infotainment can be seen on the center console dash. The interior is basically filled with Alcantara and yellow accents give it a very sporty look from the inside as well.

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