KIA Seltos Over Hyundai Creta: Is Creta Worth The Money?

KIA Seltos Over Hyundai Creta

KIA Seltos

We all know how the rivalry is between the Korean sisters, and we also know that KIA Seltos is a better choice over Hyundai Creta. Read the full article to find out how.

Why Should You Buy KIA Seltos Over Hyundai Creta?

We’re going to make it simple for you and clear your mid-size SUV buying dilemma by giving you some distinct points.

  • Exterior Looks: As some of you might agree that Seltos is a way better-looking car than Creta and the reason behind that is that Creta is more of a boys car & Seltos is more of a man’s car, what we’re trying to say is that Seltos’s looks are a bit luxurious than Creta’s. We hope you understand our sentiments.2021 Hyundai Creta Vs 2021 KIA Seltos
  • Interiors: KIA has done a wonderful job in designing the car as Seltos’s and even Sonet’s interior provide you with a premium and a luxurious feel. But the only advantage of Creta is that it features a panoramic sunroof, otherwise Seltos’s interior is way better looking than Creta’s. Both the cars have the same size of infotainment screen & there’s literally the same space in both the cars , but as we said earlier, Seltos has a more premium feel and if you’re thinking that Creta is better because it has paddle shifters , well guess what, KIA has recently updated its both cars because of the change in logo and they’ve included paddle shifters in Seltos as well.
KIA Seltos Price
KIA Seltos Interior
  • Price: We bet that you were thinking that we’d say that Seltos has a lower price than Creta but we don’t have any point here because both of them has a price point which is very similar to each other :3.
Hyundai Creta Interior
Hyundai Creta Interior
  • Verdict: If you’re still reading till here we think you already know which car to buy as  Seltos just has a slight disadvantage of not having the panoramic sunroof but in all the other aspects Seltos is the way to go.

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