Ferrari 812 Competizione & Competizione A Revealed

Ferrari 812 Competizione

Ferrari 812 Competizione

Ferarri 812 Competizione & Competizione A are the new very powerful supercars lauched by Ferrari which are based on the 812 Superfast.

Ferrari 812 Competizione & Competizione | Key Points

  • Both of the supercars carry a 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine.
  • Both the supercars have 830 horses under their hood and that’s the most powerful engine that Ferrari has ever built in a production car.
  • A in the Competizione A stands for Aperta.
  • Both the cars have already been sold out.

Feraari 812 Competizone & Competizione A: Exterior Styling

Both new supercars exhibit the aggressive new front bumper and splitter, and the carbon blade that runs across the bonnet. These cars are inspired by the Ferrari supercars in the ’60s and they both have an in-built spoiler to create downforce and give the car stability. The rear of the car is also pretty interesting as both the cars get a huge new diffuser and vents to cool the brakes. The exhaust tips are not rectangular in shape unlike the Ferrari’s launched in a few decades.

Ferrari 812 Competizione A Interior
Ferrari 812 Competizione A Interior

Competizione & Competizione A: Performance & Powertrain

These cars have a huge 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine which creates a monstrous 830hp which is 30hp more than the 812 Superfast. These are the most powerful road-legal cars that Ferrari has ever made. And, another interesting thing about them is that the valve timing mechanism has been updated by Ferrari therefore the redline starts at 9,500rpm. The crankshaft is also 3% lighter and the exhaust is now better sounding than the 812 Superfast and allows the engine to breathe better. The 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is also now 5% faster.

Some other features include rear-wheel steering and Ferrari’s side-slip control which help in better handling of the car.

Ferrari 812 Competizione & Competizione A
Ferrari 812 Competizione & Competizione A

Ferrari’s Plans For India And Pricing

Well, Ferrari‘s customers in India seem interested in these special models so there’s a possibility that they might make it to India this time and if they do, the price is going to be more than Rs.10 crores.

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